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royal society nsw logoThe Royal Society of NSW - The Royal Society of New South Wales is one of the oldest learned societies in the southern hemisphere, dating back to the inauguration of its precursor society in 1821. Its main function is the promotion and furtherance of intellectual inquiry and discourse and the exploration of the links between science, art, literature and philosophy. It holds regular monthly meetings and named specialist lectures, as well as scientific forums and other events. It has published a refereed journal continuously since 1869.

rswa logoThe Royal Society of Western Australia - The Royal Society of Western Australia promotes and assists the advancement of science in Western Australia. It achieves this through the publication of a Journal and Monthly Proceedings, and by hosting monthly meetings, and occasional symposia or excursions, on topics of current importance or interest. The Society also fosters intellectual inquiry in the community through special events and education.


rsv logoThe Royal Society of Victoria - The Royal Society of Victoria has been an active and vital part of Victoria's intellectual heritage since 1854. Membership is open to anyone interested in science and related fields and their promotion.

rssa logoThe Royal Society of South Australia - The Royal Society of South Australia is a Learned Society whose interest is in science, particularly, but not only, of South Australia. The current interests of members are chiefly in the fields of botany, zoology, biochemistry, geology, palaeontology, geophysics, anthropology, biophysics, soil science and environmental science.


rstas logoThe Royal Society of Tasmania - The Royal Society of Tasmania is as relevant today as when it was formed in the 1840s. For 170 years it has worked to develop knowledge about Tasmania, and it continues its close association with both the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery and the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens.



rsq logo hi res crop nobgThe Royal Society of Queensland - The Royal Society of Queensland (RSQ) was inaugurated in January 1884, and has played an important part in scientific thought and endeavour in Queensland for nearly 150 years. It's current focus is on scholarly publication.


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